Please continue, excellent course.

Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you.

Consider having 3 rooms - 1 with fibrescopes, 1 with optiflow, 1 with ORSIM.

A really great course.

Very useful, thanks for organising!


When to do an Awake Intubation

Very good talk, good presenter.

Well presented, would have been useful to have been told to read NAP4 pre-course.

Tips and Tricks of Endoscopy

Enjoyed the practical tips.

Good presenter.

Phenomenal lecture and I would expand this.

Tips and tricks from an ENT guru is gold in this setting and unique.

Introduction to Practicalities of AFOI

Some repetition of bits already covered.

Good talk.

Very useful, and would be nice to have a little video of the Mackenzie kit in action.

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